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   Our team can advise the client through different phases of construction and will manage, train and coach the staff upon commencement of greenhouse operations. Proper growing and labor strategies, as well as techniques, are critically important in setting up the crop for a successful season.  We have the knowledge and experience to teach a new growing team the “how to” of getting the crop off to a good start. Our greenhouse experts have decades of greenhouse growing experience in a variety of crops to ensure our clients will always have the knowledge and guidance they need.


    People are central to any successful greenhouse operation, and our team will train the new management team, growers and greenhouse workers. We will assist in setting up the labor infrastructure going forward which includes,

  • Technique training

  • Annual planning

  • SOP development

  • Labor tracking system

  • Worker incentive program

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    We take great pride in our ability to communicate clearly and concisely with all levels of our client’s organization, which is vital in keeping the team focused and efficient through complicated undertakings. Our team speaks fluent English, Mandarin, Dutch and workable knowledge of Spanish and has worked harmoniously with people from a myriad of countries and cultures throughout the years. We want to assist our clients to communicate effectively with vendors or contacts in other countries.



A Lifelong Journey

         Westland Greenhouse Management was founded in 1998 by Jos de Groot, a tomato greenhouse owner who was looking for a new adventure and frontier as he emigrated from the Netherlands to Canada with his young family. Since then, Jos has grown cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes and worked in plant propagation. As an avid Formula One race fan, Jos always pushes towards new records by first setting the right framework, then fine tuning all the small details, just like a successful race car team. His ultra competitive nature, positive attitude and determination are what drives him day in and day out. We are constantly learning about the newest development in horticulture so that Westland Greenhouse Management may bring the advantages and knowledge to our clients.


  In his spare time, Jos likes to race in competitive go kart circuits, playing squash and spending time with family.



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